Dynamic Imaging

Elasticera is a cloud based Dynamic Imaging service. Dynamic Imaging, also known as Single Source Imaging, is the real-time generation of variations or derivative images from a master image.


Make site changes faster

Elasticera generates requested images dynamically in real-time from master images. This means site changes or additional channels (mobile, connected TV, etc.) can be made much more quickly as images don't need to be batch converted and re-uploaded.

To increase the size of images just change the template and the images will be dynamically generated at the new size when the page is requested

<img src="<?php $its->setReference('NexTUmvuchVSXe7Y3ThHidh9lGcj'); $its->setWidth(180); echo $its->generateURL(); ?>">

The above example is in PHP but the principle is the same regardless of language.

Optimise images by channel

Using Elasticera you can dynamically optimise your images by channel (PC, phone, tablet, connected TV, etc.) or even device model (iPad2, iPad3, etc.).

For a PC the following image might be displayed with these dimensions and quality

For a mobile phone you could, just by changing parameters in the URL, reduce the dimensions of the image and compress it further significantly reducing the time users wait for the image to download.

The first image is 7,888 bytes whereas the second image is 2,133 bytes. That's a 73% reduction in file size. Optimising images by channel can improve the user experience and increase conversion.

Reduce page load times

Approx 50% of page weight (requests and data) is image related. Using Elasticera you can significantly reduce page weight and page load times

Deliver images faster

Elasticera delivers images faster to users through its world class Content Delivery Network (CDN). Images are cached at a large number of high performance data centres throughout the world to ensure users locally and internationally receive the best performance.

Using Elasticera it is also possible to compress images which further improves the speed at which images are delivered.

Compress images

Elasticera includes intelligent compression technology which can reduce the time users wait whilst images are downloaded.

The original image was in PNG format. Using Elasticera it was possible to significantly reduce the size of the image first by converting its format and then by compressing it.

Original Converted format
63% quicker download
Low compression
73% quicker download
High compression
83% quicker download

Intelligent caching

Elasticera has an intelligent multi-tier caching architecture. Once a device has retrieved an image it will not typically request it again unless its cache is cleared or fills. This can significantly speed up the user experience for repeat visitors.

If you update an image the changes are reflected immediately unlike with some other caching architectures.

Increase visitors

Elasticera can help increase visitors

  1. According to Google over 5% of searches are image related. Using Elasticera you can specify your own path and file names in multiple languages. You can even change an images friendly name without having to re-upload the image. For example
    • images.mysite.com/womens-wear/dresses/short-black-dress.jpg
    • images.mysite.de/damenmode/kleider/kurze-schwarze-kleid.jpg
    • images.mysite.fr/femmes-porter/robes/court-noir-robe.jpg
  2. Major search engines such as Google now use site speed as an input into their ranking algorithms. Elasticera can reduce page weight thereby improving site speed.

Improve user experience

Elasticera can help create more engaging customer experiences without the need for Flash technology so they work on, iPhone, iPad, etc.

  • Zoom (various styles)
  • 360 spin
  • Alternative views
  • Swatches
  • eCatalogues
  • Carousels
  • Sliders
  • Etc.

Increase conversion

In addition to the other benefits on this page which can increase conversion Elasticera can be used in conjunction with A/B Testing and Multivariate testing software to determine the best converting, format, quality, dimensions and file size of images. This can even be done by channel.

Other benefits

There are many other benefits including

  • Increased time on site
  • Increased average order value
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced product return rates
  • Reduced costs


The following demos show just some of the capabilities and uses of Elasticera

If you want to learn more about how we can optimise your website and improve your conversion contact us.