Demandware Integration

Integrating the Elasticera Image Transformation Service with the Demandware SaaS eCommerce platform is easy.

  1. Product data and images are normally uploaded to Demandware using WebDAV. Rather than upload your images to Demandware upload them to Elasticera using one of our provided libraries. See for more information on how to do this.
  2. Modify your Demandware Product feed to include the, Reference, Width and Height the Elasticera Image Transformation Service returns for each image.
  3. Modify your Demandware Script / Templates to generate Elasticera Image Transformation Service URLs.

It's that simple!

Elasticera has a number of advantages over Demandware's SITS including

  1. SEO friendly image paths and filenames
  2. Intelligent caching
  3. Richer functionality
  4. Reports which provide usage information and can help identify issues
  5. Images served over HTTPS (SSL) can use your domain rather than Demandware's
  6. Reduce Demandware replication times
  7. Can be used for other purposes other than with Demandware, e.g. eBay, etc.
  8. Higher uptime SLA